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RLP Toolkit

Instead of having one overarching Operations Manual, this document brings together a set of toolkit modules on all the major programme processes. The idea is that toolkits are light and practical guides that should accompany the implementing staff to the villages and RLP households. Each toolkit module provides step-by-step guidance on how to carry out each of the RLP processes.

It is important to note that the toolkit modules are by no means exhaustive, and are meant to supplement the training courses and field support provided by MSP.

This toolkit contains the following modules:

Introduction and Overview to RLP Provides an overview of RLP, and explains the toolkit structure
T1: Targeting and Selection Summarizes the processes and steps for selecting RLP beneficiaries (described hereafter as Participants). This is perhaps the most comprehensive – and complex – of all toolkit modules. Forms included:
TF1.1 – Village Registration Form, TF1.2 – Village Enrolment Form, TF1.3 – Community Targeting Card, TF1.4 – Household Survey
T2: Enrolment Describes the process in which eligible households become RLP Participants. It sets out the steps for registering Participant households, and includes the following forms:
TF2.1 – Enrolment Form, TF2.2 – Conditions Acceptance Form
T3: Asset Transfer Provides guidance on how Participants make their asset choice, how the IP staff are to provide asset training, and how asset transfers are made to the Participant. Asset transfers are the cornerstone of the RLP program. Forms included:
TF3.1 – Asset Selection Form
T4: Household Visit Describes the process by which Facilitators conduct fortnightly visits to each RLP Participant. These visits are routine program monitoring, training, and a critical component to the program’s success. Forms included:
TF4.1 – Participant Book, TF4.2 – Household Visit Log
T5: Financial Literacy Describes the various financial literacy topics that Facilitators will provide to Participants. Financial literacy will be delivered as part of the Household Visit. No forms included
T6: Case Management Case management provides Participants with a channel to voice their concerns and complaints. This module explains the process by which Participants can make appeals, complaints, the need for referrals to other services, as well as inform the programme of household updates. Forms include: TF6.1 – Appeals Form, TF6.2 – Complaint Form, TF6.3 – Update Form, TF6.4 – Referral Log
T6.1: Exit Criteria (Sub-Annex) This is a sub-annex to the Case Management module. It sets out the circumstances by which participants ‘exit’ the programme. The exit criteria will help inform the exit strategy, to be established over the next few months of programme implementation. No forms included
T7: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Most of the programme M&E is carried out at central level by the SPSL team. Thus, the M&E toolkit solely focuses on the processes through which IPs assist the M&E processes. The M&E toolkit includes the following forms: TF7.1 – Income Form (to be included)
T8: Management Information System (MIS) Toolkit This module provides an overview of what the MIS system is, how it is used in the context of RLP, and explains basic process flows and how information/data is managed. This will be accompanied by MIS User Guidelines (to be included). No forms included.
T9: Payment Toolkit This is a module provide outline process of delivering Asset Support Management payment to RLP participants

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