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RLP Income and Expenditure Studies September 2015 – February 2016 Cohort 2

3. Key Survey results

3.1 Overall Household Income and Expenditure

Table 1 shows the mean household income and expenditure disaggregated by district for the period under review (September 2015 to February 2016 inclusive). The obvious discrepancy between Xepon and the other three districts on monthly household income levels (and therefore on expenditure) should not be surprising given the details concerning both the level of household assets and the numbers of income sources that were presented in the cohort-2 baseline review (Marks & Siharat, Feb. 2016).

Beneficiary households from the three “richer” districts (Soukhouma, Mounlapamok and Lao-Ngam) have average incomes and expenditure ranging from almost double (in Soukhouma) to almost three times in Lao-Ngam. This last observation for Lao-Ngam, differs from that found with the households of cohort-1 where the selected beneficiary households were richer than those Xepon but significantly less so than those of Soukhouma;

It is too early to determine whether cohort-2 households in Soukhouma have been selected more rigorously or whether the selection process in Lao-Ngam has been less well performed for cohort-2.

Table 1:   Monthly mean income and expenditure during the period September 2015 through February 2016 of cohort-2 households, data disaggregated by district.



Income / Expenditure per household per month (LAK)
Soukhouma Mounlapamok Xepon Lao-Ngam
Income Expend. Income Expend. Income Expend. Income Expend.
September 409,740 287,720 655,240 418,500 58,500 205,950 988,100 570,620
October 358,160 150,890 390,190 383,950 65,880 118,100 726,750 654,640
November 810,790 325,050 1,464,410 485,230 523,350 263,770 980,250 686,920
December 400,000 502,790 650,880 299,710 237,380 213,780 1,027,680 403,050
January 671,840 449,250 833,900 465,320 499,130 213,560 1,222,100 610,820
February 376,950 238,250 606,840 316,470 342,330 213,460 1,008,430 411,740
Mean monthly 504,580 325,660 766,910 394,860 287,760 204,770 992,220 556,300


An interesting point revealed by comparing the average income and expenditures figures for all districts is that income was considerably in excess of expenditure, across the board. The excess was 55% in Soukhouma, 94% in Mounlapamok, 78% in Lao-Ngam and 40% in Xepon. Although unlike the other three districts, Xepon did record two consecutive months (September and October) in which income was considerably lower than expenditure.

For all districts, December 2015 was a month of high income, although households in Lao-Ngam enjoyed even higher average monthly income in December through February, coinciding with the approximate start of the SPSL stipend (see later).

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