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RLP Income and Expenditure Studies April to September 2015 Cohort 1

3. Key Survey results

3.1 Overall Household Income and Expenditure

Table 1 shows the mean household income and expenditure disaggregated by district for the period under review (April to September inclusive) in 2015. Not surprisingly, given the details extracted from the baseline review (Marks et al, 2015), recipient households in Soukhouma have higher incomes and expenditure than in Xepon both per month and over the six-month time period being analysed. Data that are available for Lao-Ngam, shows households in this district fall, on average, between the extremes of Soukhouma and Xepon (again as demonstrated in the baseline report for cohort-1).

Table 1: Monthly mean expenditure per RLP household, data disaggregated by district.

Expenditure per household per month (LAK)
Month (2015) Soukhouma Xepon Lao-Ngam
Income Expenditure Income Expenditure Income Expenditure
April    748,718    762,425 138,000 234,600 325,897 440,575
May    684,744    571,312      67,500 151,475 186,154 240,975
June 1,126,154 1,194,539 307,125 895,200 N/A N/A
July    318,974    459,053 274,850 424,687 N/A N/A
August    848,974    340,000 395,538 270,000 673,385 413,803
September    616,641    312,067 353,000 196,077 484,026 224,079
Total expenditure/HH 4,344,205 3,639,396 1,536,013 2,172,039 (1,669,462) (1,319,432)

However, an interesting point is revealed if the total income and total expenditures are compared: while both Soukhouma and Lao-Ngam show an excess of income over expenditure, Xepon shows the reverse, i.e. the average recipient household in Xepon appears to have spent more than it earns during the six-month period under review; indeed by 30%.

For both Soukhouma and Xepon, June 2015 appeared to have been a month of highest expenditure. Why this is the case will become clearer when expenditure data are broken down to their comments, in the next section.

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