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RLP – Family Stories: Saychai (LaoNgam: Cohort 1 – Part 3)

My mother is currently in Pakse as we have an urgent family issue that she needs to sort out. We have had a bit of illness in our family recently. My sister is sick, we have already given her medicine but have to take her to the clinic tonight as she is not better. My brother is better now but he sometimes gets a fever so we have to buy medicines. My mother is healthy and has been renting land to grow cassava for 200,000 Kip (24.6 USD) and buy a mat to dry the cassava on which cost me 50,000 Kip (6.16USD). She has finished harvesting it, has already sold it all and earned 1.3M Kip in total. My mother also harvested 40 bags of rice. We have 20 bags left which last our family until the end of June or July. She will have to buy rice during the five months before the next harvest so will labor to earn money.

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