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RLP – Family Stories: Duangchai (Soukhouma: Cohort 1 – Part 4)

I have 7 children (three sons and four daughters). My husband lost his sight eight years ago and has since been very unwell; he is always coughing and suffers from stomach pains and mouth infections. My second daughter has gone to work in Ubon Ratsathany province in Thailand for a year. She sometimes sends us money, about 5,000 Thai Baht (Approx. US$ 156 each time). My oldest son has also been working in Thailand since April 2015. He sent us money once-3,000 Thai Bath (Approx. US$ 94). His main goal in working in Thailand is to earn money to buy a small tractor that will be used to plough the rice field (a small tractor costs 18-19 million Kip or approx. US$ 2,300). We currently have only five 5 children living with us, two are attending primary school and one who is training to become a priest. The other two are still under school age. Our family did not plant rice this year because my son has gone to Thailand and no one provided support for us to work in the rice field.

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