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RLP – ກໍລະນີສຶກສຳ: ຈຽນ (ເມືອງເຊໂປນ: ງວດ 1 – ພາກ 3)

My husband and I are separated, as I had to move back to my village for looking after my mother and he would not accompany me. He has drinking problem, and don’t work. My eldest daughter still lives with him and goes to school. I also have three other children – one is ten years old, but she doesn’t go to school because it is over 4 Kilometres away. She helps me look after the goats. There is no health service in this village- my mother is often ill with pain in her chest, but the nearest hospital is also 4 Kilometres away. Luckily, we are all healthy.

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Social Protection and Sustainable Livelihoods is an Australian government funded project implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and managed by Maxwell Stamp PLC
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